Dentistry Careers at Corizon Health

Corizon Health provides opportunities for dentists at any point in their careers. The unique working environment of correctional facilities offers dentists the opportunity to maintain a steady practice with little or no economic burden. As a Corizon dentist, you enjoy a steady patient base and stable work without worrying about the traditional administrative accountability like processing insurance claims.

Corizon dentists are an essential component of our overall healthcare services. We have jobs available for licensed dental practitioners including the roles of Dental Director, Oral Surgeon, Dental Assistant and Hygienist. Corizon Dentists provide health services to the inmate population and supervise Dental Assistants, while working effectively with inmate patients, other members of the healthcare staff, and facility employees.

Practice dentistry where your service is routinely met with appreciation. Enhance your career by joining the dentistry team at Corizon Health.

Dentist Brent, AL 5/28/2017
Dentist Chillicothe, MO 5/27/2017
Dentist Portland, ME 5/19/2017
Dentist Larned, KS 5/10/2017
Dentist Hutchinson, KS 5/10/2017
Dentist Atmore, AL 5/6/2017
Dentist Atmore, AL 5/6/2017
Dentist - Flexible Schedule Mineral Point, MO 5/18/2017
Dentist Bonne Terre, MO 5/26/2017
Dentist Vandalia, MO 5/16/2017
Dentist Pacific, MO 5/3/2017
Dental Assistant Maryville, MO 5/23/2017
Dental Assistant Rawlins, WY 5/23/2017
Dental Assistant Chillicothe, MO 5/19/2017
Dental Assistant Newark, NJ 5/19/2017
Dental Assistant Tipton, MO 5/17/2017
Dental Assistant Lansing, KS 5/15/2017
Dental Assistant Atmore, AL 5/15/2017
Dental Assistant Fulton, MO 5/12/2017
Dental Assistant Torrington, WY 5/11/2017
Dental Assistant - PRN Farmington, MO 5/7/2017
Clerk Maryville, MO 5/23/2017
No jobs found using the supplied criteria.